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Pastor David Zongo is the founder and pastor of Worship House Ministries, based in Geneva. David is French, originally from Burkina Faso in West Africa.  After qualifying and working as an accountant, David left Burkina Faso in 2001 to follow his calling to attend seminary school and serve God in the nations. He moved to Switzerland and studied theology at the Institut Biblique et Theologie d'Orvin.   

Following his bible studies, David worked with various churches in Geneva, supporting the pastors, preaching and working with the youth.  In 2004, he started an evangelistic ministry in Geneva, organising outreaches and praying for healing and deliverance, which led to the planting of his church in Geneva in 2005. The Worship House church in Geneva is based in the Plainpalais neighbourhood in the city centre, and they hold a weekly Sunday service in the afternoon.

In 2016, Worship House started a ministry in Burkina Faso with a particular focus on the youth. Pastor David Zongo travels to Burkina Faso every few months to organise youth conferences and teachings to evangelise and encourage the youth.

He brings international teams to Burkina Faso to help in the youth movement and organises gospel concerts to put the local Christian musicians of Burkina on stage, giving them an opportunity to perform and develop their gifts.


Pastor David Zongo is on the European Cabinet of Empowered21, a global movement seeking a greater empowerment of the Holy Spirit on the body of Christ.

He has been involved in E21 conferences in Israel, London, and Singapore in previous years, and will be present in the E21 gatherings in South Africa and Greece in 2018.

Pastor David Zongo travels regularly within Europe as a speaker and evangelist, having ministered extensively in France, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. He also holds regular meetings in London since 2009.  In his ministry, he has a particular focus on healing, deliverance and the prophetic.  


David Zongo is married with four children.


Worship House, Geneva meets for the church service every Sunday at 14H at Salle St Gervais, 1st Floor, 1 Rue de Vieux Billard in Plainpalais. The service is in French and English, all visitors and newcomers are very welcome.

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